Kitchen Mastery – Induction Cooktop by Thermador

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Thermador visited our Agoura Hills appliance showroom to perform a cooking presentation on their new Freedom® Induction Cooktop. Using our live demo kitchen, Zach Reilly and Thermador Chef Monique, cooked two delicious – and very unique – hamburger sliders: Bloody Mary Slider and a Mai Tai Slider. 

Thermador Bloody Mary Slider

This Kitchen Mastery Event hosted by Thermador and WDC Kitchen & Bath was full of current Thermador product owners and newcomers who are drawn to the sleek new Freedom Induction Cooktop and wanted to learn more about the technology.

Monique is cooking the hamburgers on a skillet over the Induction Cooktop

Monique used a large skillet to cook the hamburgers. The skillet was placed on the induction cooktop and the smart cooktop automatically recognized its size, shape and position.  Unlike electrical cooktops, the entire surface area of the Thermador Freedom Induction cooktop can be used as one large cooking area. This allows the pot, or skillet in this case, to heat evenly at the temperature that you want.

Hamburger buns getting warmed up.

Notice the small paper plate on top of the cooktop next to the pan heating the buns?  Don’t worry – the paper plate won’t go up in flames! That is another amazing feature about this cooktop – the appliance recognized that the item placed there is not a pot or pan, so it didn’t fully activate in that spot. The appliance will be warm to the touch, but it won’t instantly burn you like electrical cooktops will. This is a wonderful feature, especially for families with small children.  Please note: Thermador certainly doesn’t recommend that you leave items on the cooktop that are not your pots and pans while the cooktop is turned on. 

Chocolate chips slowly simmer next to the skillet cooking the burgers at high heat.

At the same time that the skillet was cooking the burgers, a small pot filled with savory chocolate chips was slowly simmering at the lowest temperature. By the end of our event, almost two hours later, the chocolate chips were melted perfectly in the pot without burning.  Just in time for desert!

Chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate dipped cookies for desert.

To learn more about the Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop click here. To view all the innovative Thermador products click here.

Zach discusses the new Thermador Induction Cooktop technology.

This event was part of the WDC Kitchen & Bath store’s Kitchen Mastery cooking series. To get invited to future cooking events in Southern California, Like us on Facebook.

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